BIRTH:   Toronto, Ontario,  June 7, 1916
DIED:     Edmonton, Alberta, January 17, 2014

  • Secondary School at Richmond Hill and Loretto Abbey in Toronto
  • Art Courses at Northern Vocational School and Ontario College of Art.
  • Individual training with historical illustrator and landscape painter, C.W. Jefferys
  • Criticized and tutored by engraver and watercolour artist, Fred H. Brigden.

  • Exhibited in annual exhibits of the Ontario Society of Artists during the 1930's.
  • Exhibited in an annual exhibit of the Royal Canadian Academy during the 1930's.
  • One-person show at Roberts Art Gallery in Toronto, Winter 1942
  • Exhibited photography in various juried photographic salons in the U.S. and Canada 1940 - 43.
  • Exhibits annually in Teachers Exhibition at Strathcona Place Senior Centre,  Edmonton, 1977 to the present.
  • Exhibited watercolours in a group show "What a Family Does" at the Strathcona Centre, Edmonton 1978.
  • Group Shows at Sandy Snelgrove's Gallery in London, Ontario    1989 and 1990.
  • 'Landlight I' - a one person show at the Strathcona Place Centre in  Edmonton March 1990.
  • One person show at Bear Creek Studio in Petrolia, Ontario March 1990.
  • 'Landlight II' - a one person show at Langholm House Cultural Centre in Kalso, B. C., May 1990
  • Group show "Trees and Flowers Exhibition" at Bowman Arts  Centre Galleries, Lethbridge, Alberta, February 1992.
  • On view at Sandy Snelgrove's Gallery in London, Ontario and at Bear Creek Studio in Petrolia, Ontario.
  • One person show at Homer Watson Gallery in Kitchener, Ontario, April 1993.
  • Landlight III - One person show at Stony Plain Art Gallery, Stony Plain, Alberta, August 1993.
  • One person show at Strathcona Centre, Edmonton, October 1993.

  • Ran a summer school on outdoor sketching with C.W. Jefferys, 1935-36.
  • Assisted C.W. Jefferys with historical illustrations during the 1930's and  '40's.
  • Painted in watercolours and exhibited during the 1930's and '40's.
  • Travelled throughout Western Canada and painted in watercolour and pencil crayon drawings 1940 - 43.
  • Operated a photofinishing plant and portrait studio with Orval Allen in Edmonton 1946-60 
  • Landscape painting in Alberta, Ontario, and Britain from 1970's to 2000.
  • Taught watercolour painting to senior citizens at Strathcona Centre, Edmonton, 1977 to 2000.

  • Contributed pen and ink drawings to "A Picture Gallery of Canadian History", volumes I - III, written and illustrated  by C.W. Jefferys, and published by the Ryerson Press, Toronto, in 1942 - 50.
  • Contributed pen and ink drawings to 'Fences', written by Harry  Symons, illustrated by C.W. Jefferys, and published by The   Ryerson Press, Toronto in 1958.
  • Provided some of the illustrations for history books by Gilbert Paterson, Ryerson Press, Toronto 1936.

  • The body of the work is in the hands of private collectors in Ontario, Alberta, the United States, Britain, and Europe
  • Works are hanging in the following institutions:  Strathcona Centre, Edmonton; Cairnlins Petroleum Services, Lobo Township, Ontario; Fairbank Oil Properties, Oil Springs, Ontario; W.D. Abercrombie Legal Office, Sherwood Park, Alberta; Strathcona County Administrative Offices, Sherwood Park, Alberta.